How To Vote

Our endorsed candidates are running in the Democratic Primary held on May 16, 2017, after most students leave State College for the summer. Even if you won’t be in town, you can still vote and support the BugPAC.

Here’s how to support our candidates:

  • Register to vote using your State College or University Park address by April 17, 2017. YOU CAN REGISTER ONLINE HERE.
  • You must register as a Democrat to vote in the Democratic primary. Political party affiliation can be changed at any time using the same form. If you decide to register as a Republican, PLEASE WRITE-IN THE BUGPAC CANDIDATES.
  • If you are a student who will be out of town for the election, print, complete, and mail an absentee ballot request form. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE.
  • If you will be in town, you can find your polling place HERE.
  • Make sure the absentee ballot is mailed to your State College address. These will arrive during mid-to-late April.
  • VOTE for the four BugPAC endorsed candidates. Mayor Michael Black and Borough Council members Marina Cotarelo, Daniel Murphy, and Evan Myers.
  • Tell 10 other friends about BugPAC and proudly display your support on your social media pages.

Confused? BugPAC officials can help you fill our your registration properly. Contact us at and we will ensure you are doing everything correctly.