We, the “Bugs” of BugPAC, in the spirit of making State College Borough more inclusive of and welcoming to ALL of its residents, avow the following principles:

1. The interests and well-being of students, who make up the vast majority of residents in the Borough of State College, should be adequately reflected when deciding policy and issues important to the community.

2. State College has some of the most restrictive zoning regulations in the country. We only support zoning restrictions and ordinances that do not target and overburden students. We believe that most nuisances can be adequately addressed through the criminal justice system.

3. State College is a college town with all the qualities that come with life in a living-learning community. We acknowledge that residing in the Borough is a choice to live among young adults who engage, largely responsibly, in activities inherent to the collegiate experience. Those students and non-students who cause property damage or commit other criminal acts should be held accountable.

4. State College sits across from one of the most prestigious universities in the country with one of the most creative and passionate student and faculty bodies. State College should be an incubator for entrepreneurship which welcomes young professionals instead of overburdening them with unnecessary and unwelcoming ordinances and bureaucracy.

5. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the Borough of State College and welcoming residents of all nationalities and backgrounds.

6.We welcome student-friendly services, such as Uber, Lyft, extended bus hours, more street lighting, and other mechanisms to promote students’ safety.

7. We support the rights of fraternities and sororities to organize responsibly.

8. We support promoting and dedicating Borough resources to sustainability and environmental health initiatives.

Above all, the BugPAC and its candidates support a State College and a Borough government that is welcoming to ALL residents, regardless of student status.